The wisdom of Crash Facepalm!

If the rules of physics tell you no, just play a different game... Brought to you by our coins, pins and new lanyard! 
I think Orbit is unamused...
You go, Tuesday! You're so Fetch!  
And when I correct them, I'm the bad guy?!
Bacon and eggs takes on a whole new meaning.
Let's hear about those summer plans! (And if you're in the other hemisphere... well... sorry :-))
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Of course, I can take mine off... I wonder how The Mandalorian copes... Brought to you by our outstanding merch! 
Not that I'm always right, but I am certainly always entertaining!
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I hope it's exciting!
What's your secret identity? Come on, you can tell, we're amongst friends! PS: Brought to you by our really cool pins (and our new patch)!
Seems like a legit business opportunity, too! Brought to you by our killer shirts!