The wisdom of Crash Facepalm!

At least it's not "more than half," which would include you!
Unless it's Vogon poetry. Then everyone likes it. They just don't admit it.
Any requests? I suppose, dependin on which God, this might be okay.
Maybe I should have tried "potato?"
Cats, on the other hand, just don't care.
Don't judge!
I count as one of those people!
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination. Right?
Anyone interested in shares of my stupidity mine on Ganymede?
12 years of physics education, and I've never used a day of it other than to make physics jokes. Bad physics jokes.
Wait... what day is it?!
Saturday Morning Takeoff...
If you love Italian progressive rock as much as I do, you can fly with me...
And you'll never convince me that kale is exciting...
Who's your inner voice? Mine always seems to be Groot.