Concellation® Merch!

Get your merch for the con that's been cancelled before it was announced! Our talented designer, Matt Zanzibar, has created a great non-convention logo and a bunch of other cool designs for your wearing pleasure. And best, we're sequestering our well-begotten gains to donate to charity. So far, we've given $4000 in filthy lucre to good causes like Doctors Without Borders, The Chicago Food Depository, The Trevor Project and No Kid Hungry. As long as you hoopy froods keep buying merch, we'll keep doing good!

All of the Concellation 2020 designs are still available, and we now have a new logo for 2021. Of course, there are the special designs we've made when bored, as well as the Alignments and Conversation Starters Collections.

Finally, don't forget that we now have pins and challenge coins!

Concellation® 2021 Logowear is here!

Like the phoenix from the ashes, the new logo for 2021 sees Crash Facepalm's ship repaired and ready for action!

Concellation® 2021 Conversation Starter Collection

Once conventions start up again, wear these conversation starter designs. The logo will catch their eye and the statement will start the conversation. Over 100 conversation starters in both light and dark colors. Go browsing and get the statements that resonate with you!

Concellation® 2021 Alignments

All nine main alignments are available under the Concellation 2021 logo. Eliminate doubt and let everyone know your alignment.

Concellation® 2020 Pride!

Celebrate Pride with us!

Better, help us do some good - profits from this design are being skimmed for a donation to The Trevor Project.

Crash Facepalm Welcomes You to Concellation® 2020

The best con I've never been to, with our mascot, Mr. Crash Facepalm.

Crazy Enik's Used Pylons

Come on down to Crazy Enik's Used Pylon Emporium, for all of your Lost City transportation needs!

The Concellation® 2020 Dead Dog Party

Every good con has one, and we're no exception. Too bad about Fido, though...

The Fandom Collection

We have your fandom! Scores of designs for all the fandoms - and we're happy to make more on suggestion.

Concellation Fandom Collection on TeeSpring

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