Top 10 Posts for December 2020

Were a lot of people interested in reading the list of 2020 Stabby Award nominees picked by readers of Reddit’s r/Fantasy forum? Why yes, they were. Especially people who are nominated. It only took 18 hours for the list to become December’s top post.

Our tribute to Phyllis Eisenstein also was widely-shared by her many friends and the people who love her books.

Here are last month’s top 10 posts.

2020 Stabby Award NomineesPhyllis Eisenstein (1946-2020)Pixel Scroll 12/28/20 This Irrepixel-Able, Trantor ‘Original’, This Mule-Produced CrimePixel Scroll 12/29/20 A Mime In A Tesseract Still Has Ways To Get OutPixel Scroll 12/7/20 When All You Have Is A Scroll, Everything Looks Like A PixelPixel Scroll 12/20/20 May The Luck Of The Seven Pixels Of Gulu Be With You At All TimesPixel Scroll 12/11/20 In And Around The Scroll, Pixels Come Out Of The File And They Stand TherePixel Scroll 12/21/20 I Saw Mommy Kzin Santa ClausPixel Scroll 12/3/20 Scrolls Are Seldom What They Seemeth, Mithril Masquerades As ScrithDel Arroz Says Trial Date Set in Suit Against 2018 Worldcon


2020 Stabby Award NomineesPhyllis Eisenstein (1946-2020)Del Arroz Says Trial Date Set in Suit Against 2018 WorldconArtists Corroborate Flegal Harassment AllegationsSFWA Grand Master WishlistFlegal and Mohrbacher Respond to Accusations in VideoNetGalley Member Login Data CompromisedTaking Inventory of Future Worldcon BidsDan Simmons Criticized for Remarks About ThunbergGoodreads Choice Awards 2020 Winners
Pixel Scroll 1/1/21 I’ve Scrolled Pixels You Peopl...
File 770’s Twenty Most-Read Posts of the Year

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