(1) THE STARS MY DESTINATION. Galactic Journey gave out the Galactic Stars for 1965 today and Thomas Burnett Swann is a double winner: “[Dec. 22, 1965] Swann Lake (the 1965 Galactic Stars)”. …Swann is definitely a winner with his myth-inspired … Continue reading →
Luxembourg was confirmed as the site of Eurocon 2022 in October during this year’s virtual Eurocon (2020/Rijeka). It will also be that year’s annual Luxcon, and will be held in the very South of the Grand Duchy — in Dudelange, … Continue reading →
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ suit to stop ComicMix’s Oh, The Places You’ll Boldly Go! project, a crowdfunded book featuring the writing of David Gerrold and the art of Ty Templeton. The Ninth … Continue reading →
(1) BAKE AND SHAKE. Fan Dave Rowe, who lives on the Big Island, reassured his friends today: Last night (Sunday 20th) Halema’uma’u magma chamber caused an eruption at Kilauea Volcano (it’s already stopped), that’s about twenty miles from here, and an hour … Continue reading →
Escape Artists, the sff podcast platform, announced they will start paying their Associate Editors beginning in 2021. Co-Publisher Marguerite Kenner acknowledges: Too few genre publications pay their associate editors. We know it’s a struggle. We also know its a struggle that … Continue reading →
David Langford’s fans get to unwrap a gift early this year – his new collection Beachcombing and Other Oddments is officially released today. Inside they’ll find 78,000 words of his fanzine-published essays, and speeches and silliness. The contents include the … Continue reading →
(1) COVID-19 VACCINATION. First responder and noted fanzine fan Curt Phillips posted a photo on Facebook of him receiving the injection — First Covid 19 vaccination accomplished this morning. Fast, simple, easy. No adverse reactions at all. *Everybody* should get … Continue reading →
By JJ: To assist Hugo nominators, listed below are the editors of short form works published for the first time in 2020. Note that all of the works labeled “novella”, “novelette”, and “short story” are eligible in the corresponding Hugo … Continue reading →
By Paul Weimer: Call Me Joe by Poul Anderson strongly starts off a NESFA Press series of volumes covering the work of one of the key 20th century writers of Science Fiction, Poul Anderson In the introduction, the editor, Rick … Continue reading →
Exiting Trumplandia, November-December 2020 By Chris M. Barkley: FOUR YEARS AGO, 22 November 2016: “Barkley — Since You (Didn’t) Ask — Trumplandia, Weeks One and Two”. On October 28th, 1937, astronomer Karl Reinmuth of Heidelberg University made a momentous discovery, … Continue reading →
(1) THE FUTURE THROUGH YESTERDAY. Nicholas Whyte has put together a video of “The world in 2021, according to science fiction” and started a YouTube channel to host it. At the link is his impressive list of sources. I’ve spent … Continue reading →
ISFiC, corporate parent of Windycon, has announced the outcome of this year’s ISFiC Writers Contest. Although this year’s Windycon was postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19, ISFiC elected to hold the annual contest. After deliberation, the judges chose not to … Continue reading →
By JJ: To assist Hugo nominators, listed below are the editors of long-form works published for the first time in 2020. Note that all of these works, unless they are labeled “nonfiction”, are eligible in the Best Novel category. These … Continue reading →
(1) DIGITAL DIAGNOSIS. N. K. Jemisin tries to work out what the symptoms of social media indicate. Thread starts here. (2) OF THE GALAXY? “U.S. Space Force unveils name of space professionals” – and that name is: Guardians. Today, after … Continue reading →
Earlier this month, King In Black #1 hit stands, and fans finally saw masterminds Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman plunge the Marvel Universe into darkness with the long-dreaded arrival of Knull – never mind that the character’s name makes Swedish-speaking … Continue reading →